winter hair care tips

winter hair care tips

Do you really have to change your hair care regime in Winter? Yes you do.

Depending on how extreme the weather is, you will need to up the ante on the hair care during the cooler months.


Just as you would change your skin care during Winter, you need to change your hair care. We forget that just because there may not be as much sun, the cold wind can dry out your hair just the same.

Leaving the house with damp or wet hair just isn’t going to happen in Winter. So we tend to use our heated irons and blow dryers more in the cooler months. This leads to drying out the hair more than it needs.

During Winter, for some of us, more warm drinks are consumed than glasses of water. This leads to dehydration of the skin and the scalp. As we know, the scalp is where healthy hair starts.

Follow these tips to maintaining great Winter hair.

1. Don’t over wash your hair. Sounds simple doesn’t it? By over washing your hair, you stimulate the oil glands on your scalp, thus, producing even more oil. Do use a moisturising shampoo that won’t strip your natural oils or hair colour.

2. Towel dry, towel dry, towel dry! Remove excess water from your hair prior to using a hair dryer. Try using a microfibre hair wrap. They are inexpensive and help draw the water out and reduces frizzies at the same time.

3. Extra Nourish! Deep conditioner your hair at least once a fortnight. Try a moisture mask or penetrating oils to help lock the moisture into the hair shaft.

4. Keep hair out of the elements. Tie your hair back or wear a beanie if you are going to expose your hair to the harsh harsh cold or even snow. Tip. Don’t wear wet hair in the snow. It will freeze and likely to break or become brittle. 

5. Regular trims. Just because we are not at the beach every day doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t need regular trims. By trimming your hair ‘little and often’ during Winter, this can help nip any dry/split ends in the bud and give you healthy hair for coming warmer months.

Do you change your hair care regime during Winter?