AngeliqueBefore Stella started styling my hair at a time in my career when I was making a lot of presentations to high level corporate clients and my personal presentation was extremely important.

I later made the decision to relocate to Melbourne and my search for a new local stylist started with highly recommended (and expensive) salons who just couldn’t get it right and then I risked using a daily deal coupon where I left the salon in tears! I then realised that no one would do but Stella. I now arrange my Sydney work visits around my hair appointments.

Stella has taken my hair from the damaged, streaky mess the other salons left it in, back to its lovely, fresh and glowingly healthy condition.

Even after many years of visiting Stella, she attends to each visit like it’s my first – asking important questions, listening to my needs and ensuring we are both on the same page well before the scissors come out!. She not only has expertise in colouring and cutting but also provides valuable advice on how to care for and style my hair in between visits. She is well worth the 1,000km commute!



Stella De Zotti