Taming your curly hair

Curls curls curls – you either have ’em and hate ’em or don’t and desperately want them! Or maybe you love your curls. I’m hoping you do.

There are different types of natural curls. Having curly hair myself, I find it has changed over the years. Since having children, the curl has softened and is less’ ringletty’. The longer my hair, the curlier it gets – the shorter, the straighter the curl goes. beyonce-curls

sarah-jessica-parker-curly- So here’s what I’ve found out about curly hair:

  •  The fine wispy hair that is either kinky or just a bit wavy, but sometimes depending on the weather, it curls.  Easy to blow dry straight without feeling like you have just done an arm workout with the hairdryer
  • Lambswool soft and fine, really curly hair – this type of hair is flyaway and humidity is a killer for this gal’s hair
  • Strong, wiry, thick textured, springy tight curls. Harder to blow dry straight – this gal needs straighteners!

Your hair texture and hair density dictates the way you need to deal with your curly hair.

1. Get the right haircut

Having the wrong type of haircut for your curls can make styling your hair harder than it needs to be.   Depending on the type of curl you have, a blunt bob can be either a blessing or  disastrous.

2. Product

Choosing product that suits your hair texture and curl type is crucial. Serums, oils, mousse, gels, there are so many to choose from. One product you need to use at least once a month is a hydrating treatment. If your curly hair is coloured, then this a must. Protein treatments and moisture treatments, penetrate through the hair shaft and help build and repair the hair. Curly hair tends to get drier, so this will help to keep the outer hair shaft smooth.

3. Shampoo less, condition more

Washing your hair too often can make it fluffy, whilst clean, it can also dry it out. Apply oil to dry hair to fill the hair shaft prior to shampooing. Try this as often as you feel it needs.

4. Drying

Leaving your curls to dry naturally isn’t always practical. However, if you do let them dry naturally, try using a microfibre hair wrap. They are quite inexpensive and excellent for curly hair. They absorb all the moisture from the hair, without any frizz. If you are using a hair dryer, a diffuser is a great way to get heat into the hair without blowing it around. Try scrunching your hair with the microfibre towel while you dry with the diffuser.

5. Sleeping & travelling

Curly hair on a pillow tossing around all night is a recipe for a birdsnest in the morning. My two recommendations are A Satin pillow case. and braid your hair before bed. Both of these will help eliminate the frizz and tangled mess in the morning. A simple spritz in the morning will see you through another day. Embrace your curls and try these tips.

If you are lucky enough to be jetting away somewhere, long haul flights can mess up the curly locks. Try plaiting or braiding your hair to reduce the friction from the airline head rests.

Understanding your hair better is a step in the right direction to loving and managing your curls!

What tips do you use to manage your curls?