NicolaHappyClient2014 I discovered Stella twelve months ago while searching online (literally in tears) for someone to fix my hair after a colour disaster And how grateful I am that I found her!

My hair had ended up way too dark for my skin tone when I attempted to take it back to my natural dark blonde. I had wanted to give my locks a break from the blonde foils I was having and reduce the damage to my hair as I was struggling to keep the length and maintain the light colour.

Thankfully and miraculously Stella had my hair looking better than ever in just a couple of visits. I have since been visiting her for regular trims and a clear gloss which over time have dramatically improved the health of my hair.

I would recommended Stella for any of your hair needs. She is an experienced and extremely skilled stylist. The personal service and advice I have been given has been invaluable and by far surpasses any of my previous experiences with other (often overpriced) salons.



AngeliqueBefore Stella started styling my hair at a time in my career when I was making a lot of presentations to high level corporate clients and my personal presentation was extremely important.

I later made the decision to relocate to Melbourne and my search for a new local stylist started with highly recommended (and expensive) salons who just couldn’t get it right and then I risked using a daily deal coupon where I left the salon in tears! I then realised that no one would do but Stella. I now arrange my Sydney work visits around my hair appointments.

Stella has taken my hair from the damaged, streaky mess the other salons left it in, back to its lovely, fresh and glowingly healthy condition.

Even after many years of visiting Stella, she attends to each visit like it’s my first – asking important questions, listening to my needs and ensuring we are both on the same page well before the scissors come out!. She not only has expertise in colouring and cutting but also provides valuable advice on how to care for and style my hair in between visits. She is well worth the 1,000km commute!



The best thing about Stella’s salon is the unique personal-service and one-on-one attention she provides. While you are there, she’s dedicated to you alone, weaving her magic and meeting your every hair need. With no rushing or waiting around for other clients, you have time to unwind, relax and be pampered. One of the reasons I chose Stella is because she uses O&M, an ammonia-free, non-toxic hair colour (free from parabens, sulfates, triclosan, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, phthalates, MIT, PPD and resorcinol); it’s not only a healthier option, but gives beautiful results. Stella also takes the extra time and care to create very fine, natural-looking highlights for me and her other clients, using the microfoiling technique; this is gentler on the hair and lasts much longer. She always gives me tailored advice on how to look after my hair and is full of useful tips and tricks to take away. Stella provides a professional yet friendly service in a lovely environment – always a pleasure to go, you leave feeling absolutely fabulous!



I have been a client of Stella’s for 4 years. Across this time I have had a number of different styles and colours, always in consultation with Stella who has a creative eye whilst genuinely considering my hair type and lifestyle.

Stella is professional, reliable and great value. I frequently recommend her to friends and colleagues and I will continue to be one of her very satisfied customers.

Stella also gives the best head massages – this alone is worth a visit!



Stella has great skills as a cutter and colourist, always making excellent recommendations about styles and colours that will suit me. She is a great communicator who always takes time to understand what I’m looking for and explaining what the outcome will be. She’s also really good at letting me down gently when my crazy new hairstyle idea just won’t be that great for me – and she’s always right! She is always so welcoming and happy and is a great person to spend time with, a great conversationalist and a great hairdresser. I wish I had found her earlier!



The total package! Stella knows how to get my tricky, curly, dry, non-colour-absorbing hair to soak in the colour & cuts it to perfection!! Bonus are the great chats!!

Thanks Stella



When you first step into Stella’s salon there is a warm and relaxing ambience. I value the one on one salon which makes you feel special and I always leave feeling pampered and happy with my hair.

I like the way Stella consults with you first and discusses what you want and what you like and dislike. I have thick curly hair and Stella, being an exceptionally professional hair stylist, knows exactly how to cut, colour and style it to perfection. The soft background music and the cup of tea/coffee in beautiful porcelain cups make the whole hair experience a very special time.

Stella has also embraced more “friendly” products which do not contain harmful chemicals. Her advice for maintenance in between visits is invaluable. If you want an excellent professional hairdresser I recommend Stella – I have no doubt you will be delighted with her service.



Stella De Zotti