Banish brassy blonde hair.

With Summer on our doorstep, brassy blonde hair is a result of swimming, sun, salt and general daily activities that ‘dirty and pollute’ the hair.

Unless you are going for the brassy blonde hair look – here’s a few tips on how to keep your blonde hair looking the shade it should be.



1. Get your colour right – not reaching the desired tone of blonde when you first get it coloured contributes to brassy blonde hair. Speak with your colourist about the shade and level of blonde you want. Your colourist will be able to provide the right blonde to suit your hair and needs

2. Water – hard water build up from showers, swimming or excess exposure in the sun and surf can do this. It opens the hair shaft and exposes it to further penetration of salt and general pollution

3. At home toners – a blue or purple shampoo work wonders to keep your blonde hair free from brassy tones. Blue is great at keeping orange based brassiness at bay and purple is great for the yellow brassy blonde hair. These shampoos and conditioners are to be used sparingly. Don’t use them every day or even every week. Just when you feel the need to tone.

4. In salon toners. After a while (depending on the level of brassiness) you may need a stronger toner. In salon toners are designed to remove and eliminate the unwanted brassiness for longer. Plus a professional can mix many different colours to achieve the right tone for you.

This Summer, protect your hair like you would protect your skin from the harsh elements – no more brassy blonde hair!


What are your tips for keeping your brassy blonde hair at bay?