Autumn has well and truly hit the southern hemisphere. So, what are the hair colour trends for this coming season?

Warm up with vibrant reds, hot chocolate browns and golden blondes.

Multicolouring is a hit this season.

Whether you go for subtle high or low lights or try panel colouring, the results are beautiful.
You can experiment with dramatic colouring tones if you like. Black and Blonde together look striking, but not for everyone.

For Brunettes this season – try using a subtle sprinkling of colour that will give your overall hair that ‘sun kissed’ look.
Ombre is still in and looks fab on the brunettes! If you want low maintenance, subtle colour, then opt for Balayage.

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Dip-dyes (really another term for dramatic Ombre colour), these are a lot more subtle this year.

dipdyesubtle dipdyesubtle2


Depending on if you are cool or warm, honey blondes, dark blondes and platinum blonde shades are big this autumn. Try multicolouring your look with some low lights and high lights.

blonde CameronDiasCoolHC

Red hot reds are very vibrant and bright with some toning of another complimentary colour throughout.

redhot redhot2

You don’t have to change your hair colour to keep up with the ‘trends’ but I find changing your hair colour slightly between seasons helps to keep the boredom at bay and gives you a fresh look.

Remember no matter the trends, choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone is vital, so always seek advice from your Hairstylist.

Do you change your hair colour with the seasons?  What is your favourite colour this season?

Enjoy Autumn.