Choosing the right hair elastics can save hair breakage.

Using the wrong type of hair elastics could be breaking your hair.

Do you find you put your hair up in a pony tail in the same place every time? And that part of your hair is feeling shorter or frizzy?

Why thin hair elastics cause hair breakage:

  • Thin hair elastics tend to wrap around your hair numerous times creating a tighter pony tail
  •  Thin round edged hair elastics tend to ‘strangle’ the hair and slowly break the hair each time you use them.

Next time you reach for your hair elastic, have a close look at it.

Is the elastic cylindrical in shape or flat like the images below?

flat-hair-elastics hair-elastics-flat-2
Why flat hair elastics are better:

  • The flat area of the hair elastic sits flat against your hair therefore not cutting into your hair.
  • They tend to be smaller in diameter, so they don’t wrap around the hair multiple times, therefore less damage


Hair Stylist Top Tips

  • Avoid pulling your hair back tight in hair elastics when the hair is wet. Hair stretches when it’s wet and once the hair dries, it returns to its natural state and if you have ‘strangled’ it tight, it will damage the hair when it expands and dries again
  • Always remove your hair elastics the way you put them in….unravel it. If you pull the elastic out in one go, this pulls the hair with it and causes more breakage
  • And finally. Never. I repeat. NEVER use rubber bands in your hair, hair fail 101. 🙁

What hair elastics do you use? Do you use hair elastics, or have you found a better alternative?