My creative journey commenced at a young age, starting with my hairdressing training in a beautiful small country town- Bridgetown, in Western Australia back in the 90′s. I was trained by a very talented and Sassoon trained mentor.

After completing my training I travelled to parts of Australia and finally landing myself in Sydney in 2005.


What do I know about?

After 20 years as a stylist, countless training courses and having worked in numerous hair salons, I decided it was time to share with you my expertise and tips, to help you understand your hair better and ensure you get the most out of your hair, through my blog.


So how can I help you?

I believe your hairstyle completes your outfit. Just like the right handbag or shoes, a hairstyle can make you feel a million dollars. I use the best salon products with the least amount of nasties in them to ensure your hair and well being is taken care of, whilst still achieving stunning and long lasting results. You can work with me by visiting the studio.




Stella De Zotti